First Post


This post will be without images.

And yes: I'm writing it after 04-11-23.

So why 04-11-23? I have a little file in project's workspace called projectStart.txt where I put the starting date of the project.

That's usually the date of creating the project folder / buying first plugin / scanning first notes.

In case of this project it was creating an Unity project. 04-11-23.

Let's hope it will be a long project, with my next dream fulfilled.

That's what it is all about, after all.

Space empires 5. The game that could engage my mind like no other. The game that you learn new things every time you want. If you want.

I remember, after I already finished with games and moved on to life (creating games as programmer, I mean a paid job), I doscovered you can build a space yard like a normal ship, that boosts your ship production further.

And that was when I thought I knew it all about Space Empires. Truly gracious.

The project

Gamma Empires will be a Space Empires 5 clone.

Everyone says that, then they release half-made game.

I know.

I won't lie to you-it's possible I won't finish the game.

No publisher, no motivation, or sudden earthquake will stop the development.

Of course.

I don't like predicting the future. Nor do you I suppospe. So let's leave gloomy talking.

The game will feature strategic sectors plus combat. That's the core.

Then building new ships, ship designer, research-these are optional, and some of them are already prototyped.

Ship designer will be a major challenge, and major unknown-with publisher: yes, without publisher: probably not.

Research window will probably be replaced with bulidings enabling more powerful ships.

And most work will be done on the UI, believe or not.

After all, I'm making a 4x strategy game for an Android.

The games I played don't really feel like a 4x games. Therefore that's kind of unique for this project.

I chuckle thinking about my pitch plans "hey, publisher, how about a game that burns our phone simulate complex world for a massive 4x strategy." Dreams are dreams, ladies and gentelman.