The Plan


What's the plan, Commander?

That' the plan.

I was thinking about the big CHL.

CHL for challenge.

Not finishing the game. The curse of 90% of projects.

You know the rest of the story, with big juicy scan I put above.

The Plan

My plan is simple-get the publisher.

And if I don't find one, release the on my own.

What a surprise. The more interesting discussion is whether the ship designer is finished, the research, the building improvements. My file for ideas has 2 pages already and growing.

I could elaborate on that. I could discuss. Guess what.

It will all change. Not change like making a planet more blueish. But rather like remove research for building enabling techs.

So I don't know the specification. What I know is that 50% of it will be different in the final game.

And that's fine.


I have a prototype. It's playable but I don't want to show it till the pitching point.

And I realized my plan is lacking something: the UI.

Before pitching there should be a big circle with "UI" on it. That's another challenge.

It will stay with me till the release I'm afraid, like today I fixed not-being-able to confirm unit's path if it was unselected and selected again. That's the reality of a game programmer.

OK, enough for this post, see you soon.