Enjoyable Things


Gosh, I'd love to discuss with you enjoyable things.

Best strategy to develop your empire. Balance of rockets against lasers. Better ways to create awe-inducing main menu.

These discussions shall come too, but now the reality is more brutal.

I can discuss how I finished orders system. That it works.


I guess so.

That's next cornerstone to the succes of the game, in some future.

Like one of million cornerstones needed to build a house.

The fact that I'm adjusting for marketing action doesn't make it faster.

I want to show you things, and I will show you things.

But after all, a simple "hey, do you like the game" becomes "what ship model is better: left or right?" in marketing terms, which takes more time.

And we'll do that. I hope together.

Update later that day

I finished. I finished the hardest task for today.

Fixing giving orders, which came up with humble splitting ships task.

The original bug was “if you unselect fleet then select then click path target the fleet doesna't move.” Fixing that was easy. But then I decided to handle fleet splitting.

Wow. I ended spending half a day to improve the code, and the other half testing.

Needless to say, here is excerpt from my code documentation:

///first click - select ship, unit gets active

///second click - sets path. Unit moves to unitToConfirmPath but selected tile gets deselected.

///third click - if player clicks end of path of active unit, it moves. But if player clicks another unit, another unit gets selected

The solution was hard itself to come, let alone implementation.

After a while of contemplating, I think the reason is that Space Empires 5 has mouse, and player uses right click to give orders. I have player’s finger, sometimes two. Fast forward a few hours, and I did it. The splitting is not perfect, during merging fleet with fewer move points sets them to the merged unit. So if ship with 10 points merges with ships that have 2 points, it automatically has 2 points left, even if we give it order to split and move elsewhere.

Also, splitting one fleet into two paths to move at the end of turn is not possible. If player needs that, he should split the fleet, move it instantly to neighbouring

tile, then move two fleets to two places.

I think it’s acceptable, and let’s call it a day.

Today was a small victory.