First Playtesting


20 tasks. That's result from the first playtesting session.

My todo list gained 40 kilos in 30 minutes.

The good news: most of them are 5-10 minute tasks, what I call "easy problems" - problems you know how to solve.

As programmer, if you discover a bug and you know what's wrong (because you know the system), it's easy problem.

If you don't know it, but it's kind of easy to debug (you know where to look for the solution), it's an easy problem.

And once every while you get a problem which is either hard to cause, or it's "somewhere" deep down in the system-that's a hard problem. The hardness isn't just about the complexity-it also drains your motivation as you spend hours with a machine rather than hugging your wife.

Back to the todos: first playtesting finished.

This also means another victory: I finished all the tasks for today: cleaning blog page, making first pitch deck, and doing first playtesting.


Also, I can start making blog posts with images as I cleared the project from google images found for prototyping (I know you all do that, hehe).


It can get only better from now.

And guess what: the game isn’t as crappy as I suspected. It actually has the Space Empires feel.

I don’t know why I spent so much with player titles, it takes 1/3 page in the documentation.

That was idea from Space Empires that I liked very much: ability to choose your own title: Emperor / General / King / President / etc.. Then the game calls you “Your majesty” or “mr president” throughout.