Cataclysm of December


The commercial project I was working on suddenly finished.

Which means I’m looking for job.

This will not impact Gamma Empires directly, but will certainly slow things down (after all, Gamma Empires is in “hobby” category).

As much hobby as it is, I feel connected to it in some strange way.

Kind of like a dwarf is connected to gold. With subtle addition in back of his head.

So first things first, and polishing my CV seems like the more urgent thing now.

Also, about which no one knows, I stopped my work out routine because of the game. Have to handle that as well.

The Good Side

The good side is that there are no serious errors known, which means the game is polished enough for pitching.

I also spent yesterday 3h with MidJourney on daydreaming about alien life forms on planets. Might use it for mid-turn graphics.

Here is sample:

See you next time.