Ship Designer


And you thought I would use professional tools to make ship designer.

I used paper and green pencil. That’s right.

Some people arm themselves with wireframing, online-synced tools that produce extensive flow diagrams. And show images worth putting into new sci-fi movie.

They also never release any game. They make prototypes at most.

I’m geared towards releasing mine. With green pen and a paper sheet.

Ship Designer isn’t hard in itself, it’s what comes after it that’s challenging.

When you add research tree, unlockable ship components, that’s when you dig deep into swamp of logic.

And the UI. The UI will be main challenge for this game.

Hopefully, everything will be fine. At the moment of writing this, basic logic is implemented and everything works.

If I were to tell my manager about it, I would say ship designer works.

But I’m alone, so I know the truth: it looks like working but it’s not tested.

And testing is no fun.

So let’s roll up the sleeves and get down to work.