I don’t mean UI of Gamma Empires (the logic).

I mean UI without logic. The art stuff.

I suddenly changed focus from pitching to making all the icons, the ui look cool, the music.

I know why but I don’t want to admit it.

The real reason is that I fear pitching / business / marketing that should come now.

So now the game looks cool, sounds cool, and can be shown to hungry publishers.

Research, Ship Designer, Icons

It’s all done. Nothing to add here.

And guess what. The time I tested the game, there were about 4 hard errors (during recording) visible to the programmer’s eye.

Will need to take care of that.

Red Button Moment

I have a feeling that I’m reaching important development moment: the red button moment.

Imagine standing near a red blinking button. When you press it, the game is released.

If I had accident and I can no longer work, I can release the game.

If I suddenly lose motivation and start playing Beat Saber all days, I can release the game.

If I have a identity crisis and start chasing criminals at night in batman suit, I can release the game.

That’s a comforting feeling to be able check that off your mental todo list.

Believe or not, I have ideas about other games. I have ideas about other jobs I can transition into. That’s all open in about a month, where the game is tested, and red button moment is valid.

What Now

Red button moment is emergency exit, an exit strategy, one could say.

For now, the testing is to be done. I might implement AI controlling local player to do it. After all, that will help me immensely.

And pitching is looming over my head, like a swarm of bats to shoosh away with my persistence.

We keep going.