Pitching Challenge


„27 Pitches.”

It’s what I used to have written on my desktop wallpaper.

27 pitches done for my last game. I was proud of that.

For Gamma Empires, I sent 50 pitches. And that was exhausting.

Don’t ever believe when they tell you they went through thousands of publisher to get accepted. I went through 418 publishers which left me with 50 contacts of ones with similar games to Gamma Empites.

And am still proud of that. I used to send one pitch a week, with concerns about publisher time, not to contact two publishers at once.

For Gamma Empires I was doing 15 pitches a day, and I consider myself a beginner.

The thing with publishers is I can’t really offer them a win-win solution, I’m aware I’m a small developer using AI to generate background pictures for my game windows.

The State of the Game

For the game, less intensive things were made. I’ve made upgrades for the combat: now ships don’t stop when they get into range and shoot, but rather go round the enemy.

The ships now have HP which persists between combats. There is no repair possibility yet, as I think about repair-enabling buildings, and that is a minor feature anyway.

Things to Come

The features on my todo list include radar and making speed matter in combat. The latter includes combat orders, specialised components (long range vs short range lasers), and specialised ship designs, so it might take a while.

And that is even not the hardest thing to do. The hardest will be marketing. The Voldemort of sole game developers: the one that you don’t think about.

See ya.