Game Developer


I used to think that game developer makes games.

I like spaceships. So I’ll make a game about spaceships.

That train of thought breaks with first hard error you find.

Then I thought if you release a game, you’re a game developer.

That would make sense: you make a game. No one plays it, but it’s out on Steam.

Now I think a game developer will make what he has to in order to succeed.

Marketing? I’ll do that. Programming? Sure. Graphics design? Yes I do.

Marketing seems to be the reason most games fail. It took me about 3 days to switch my mental state from development to marketing.

The Game

I estimate main features to take me two weeks more. After that, there will be a lot of content (to have 20 systems not 3) and final tests.

I wish I could focus on game making, but it’s no use if no one hears about the game I’m so eager to polish.

Fortunately, the development is where I shine. So I hope for the best.

See you then.