We’ve gone long way to be where we are now.

Let’s do a little recap of what we have and where we’re heading.

Also, this is the first post sent to Discord and Facebook, which will work in tandem with this webpage from now on.

Oh gosh, I’m feeling like I’m posting updates every day lately, which won’t last of course, and is the direct result of focusing on marketing stuff.

Where we are

Gamma Empires. The game I decided to create to include all the goodies of Space Empires 5, which was my favourite game for a long time (now Supreme Commander holds this place).

It has quite decent ship designer, humble research technology trees, galaxy and combat mode, where I should probably differentiate ship sizes more, and now also social media pages.

I’m quite satisfied and also have a few ideas what to add next, which brings me to the next point:

Where we’re heading

The plan is to release the game, and to do that I have to create a full-fledged galaxy of a decent size and run the simulation.

I have to admit, realistically I didn’t finish any game, apart from prototype plays with 2 Ais each, but that doesn’t count.

Another thing is making combat look better (smaller texts and so on). And the final goal is…

To have a 4x Android strategy game that will be nice to play.

If that sounds hard, it is. But I prefer to act than to worry.

To be honest, I look forward to getting back to programming (from social media stuff I’m doing now) and making different galaxy maps.

I think about 20 sectors with about 50 planets.

Stay tuned.