Launch on Google Play


When your next task is “add player title text” to main menu, and you removed it a week ago, you know the game is quite ready.

Today I launched the game on Google Play (link is here ).

What a journey it was.

Launching can be described best as one word: anxiety. You don’t know if the game is good enough. You don’t have a clear marketing plan. You don’t know anything.

Yet something drives you. And you press the Publish Button.

The less candy reason is that the waiting before the launch started destroying me. Hard to describe it: you start motivating yourself in less noble ways, like eating chocolate and just sleeping. And that artificial need grows every hour.

I thought I am past that after 7 games released on my own. I was wrong.

Yet here we are, reviewing all the settings and pushing it forward.

And-needless to say-it’s a success. Today I drink one glass of whiskey and cola.

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